Webinar Lecture Series

The University Department of Rural Health, Goulburn Valley Regional Training Hub and the Excellence
in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) team from the Department of Medical Education are introducing a Clinical
Supervision lunchtime webinar series in 2019. This series features both lecture sessions and mentor
panel sessions, to better support health professionals in the supervision of students, trainees and peers.

Our ZOOM webinar lectures are a one-hour lecture and facilitated discussion featuring topics that often
create the greatest challenges for supervisors in a clinical setting. The series is presented by leaders in
medical and health professional education.
Designed as a short set of refreshers, you must have completed either the Advanced or Foundations of
Clinical Supervision workshops delivered by the Excellence in Clinical Teaching program to register.

Webinar 1. Creating learning opportunities with limited time

Enhance your knowledge of structuring a lesson plan and apply this framework to informal settings to
make the most of both your clinical and supervisory roles.
Presented by: Dr Charlotte Denniston PhD, Lecturer in Work Integrated Learning, Department of
Medical Education.

Webinar 2. Effective Feedback

Explore why feedback can be so problematic for both learners and educators, and learn an alternative
set of strategies to place learners at the centre of the feedback process.
Presented by: Professor Elizabeth Molloy PhD, Professor in Work Integrated Learning & Deputy Head,
Department of Medical Education

Webinar 3. Dealing with the challenging learner

Develop strategies to assist in managing and growing learners who fail to engage, or those struggling
with the academic and clinical requirements of a program.
Presented by: Brett Vaughan, Lecturer in Clinical Education, Department of Medical Education