Why Work in the Goulburn Valley?

Junior doctors who work rurally and regionally are generally able to access a variety of hands on skills much sooner than their city counterparts. Working rurally and regionally supports family life and the ability to participate in diverse recreational activities. The Goulburn Valley boasts a number of attractive features whilst still being in close proximity to Melbourne.

Support for Students and Junior Doctors

GVRTH is working to support students and junior doctors in a number of ways …

Regional Victoria Health Workforce Mentoring Program

The Regional Victoria Health Workforce Mentoring Program is a collaboration of the Goulburn Valley Regional Training Hub, Murray City Country Coast, multiple health services in rural Victoria, multiple Victorian Rural Generalist Training Programs, Going Rural Health and other partners. The program aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of individual mentoring activities by creating a structure and platform for coordination and collaboration. Most importantly having these different mentoring activities coordinated in one place provides more continuity for mentoring relationships through all the different stages of training and professional development.

Types of mentoring available include:

  • Professional/academic mentoring
  • Allied Health Professional/nurse mentoring
  • Community mentoring
  • Career mentoring

With the options available you can use the mentoring experience to progress your career planning and identify goals; learn from the professional experiences of others; or establish enjoyable non-work related connections within the local community.

If you are ready to begin your mentoring journey, you may register here with our customised Mentorloop platform. Mentorloop is a cloud based system, designed for ease of communication and to optimise our ability to match you with the most suitable mentors.


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Teaching/Learning for Junior Doctors

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