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Personalised career guidance session

If you would like to request a personalised career guidance session please fill out the form, select the most appropriate team member and let us know what your goals for the session are. No guarantees can be made that the selected team member will be available at a time that suits you, particularly during peak recruitment times. We suggest you send the request two months in advance of the closing date of applications/preferencing.  

Professor Julian Wright

Professor Julian Wright is a practicing Nephrologist, with a Master’s in Clinical Education, who trained in the UK and then moved to Australia to take up the position as Head of the Department of Rural Health and Dean of the Rural Clinical School with University of Melbourne. Professor Wright can provide guidance and advice on a career in Nephrology and the medical specialties more broadly, and the path to becoming a great clinical educator.  

Bill Adam

Bill is the Deputy Head of Department of Rural Health at the University of Melbourne’s Rural Clinical School.  Bill graduated medicine in 1965, after which he completed his training as a doctor or Renal Pathophysiology.  Bill now spends his time in clinical teaching, administration and research. Bill is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Shane Boyer

Shane Boyer is the manager of the Hume Rural Generalist Training Program, Murray to Mountains and has over 20 years experience working in the medical training and management field in the region. Shane has a wealth of knowledge on Intern, rural generalist and GP advanced skills training and career opportunities in the Hume region.