The first Meet, Mingle & Learn event in Shepparton was held on Saturday 1st May and attracted attendees from across the state. The event was designed to provide a networking opportunity for medical and allied health students and staff, and also to highlight some of the activities and community groups that locals could get involved with when they live in our region.


Generous local community groups facilitated sessions for attendees that included rowing on Lake Victoria with the Shepparton Rowing Club, joining in with the 36 Degrees South Choir and learning about traditional Indigenous medicine and local cultural stories. Participants also enjoyed a session from Tim Adam and Mitchell Dunn who encouraged reflection on mental and physical wellbeing for yourself, your peers and your patients, and heard from local Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Alasdair Thomas about what life and career really looks like in a regional setting.

“I loved learning more about Shepparton and what it has to offer. It has definitely eased my worries about continuing my education here in the future.”

“The broader networking was great. Having time to catch up with colleagues and medical students. I liked that there was a mix of professional development and linked people in with the community.”

“The Indigenous walk was fantastic and it was relevant to the local area and things that are not common knowledge. I appreciated the perspective given and the plants used traditionally.”

“I liked getting to see and hear more about the culture of Shepparton outside of the health services offered.”

“Let’s speak together Indigenous Culture session was the more valuable as far as improving my knowledge and understanding of local Aboriginal history. The rowing was the most fun, and was an experience that I will never forget.”


“Learning about the lifestyle possible in Shepparton/regional Victoria. Also insights from Alasdair into the life of a regional healthcare practitioner were extremely valuable.”

A huge thank you to the many volunteers, presenters and community groups that came together to showcase what life for health professionals looks like in our region.


Shepparton Rowing Club

36 Degrees South Choir

Corey Walker

Mitchell Dunn from Going Rural Health

Tim Adam from Seat of Your Pants Consultancy

Shepparton Camera Club

F45 Shepparton

Fiona Smolenaars – Community Connector

Dr Alasdair Thomas

Night Owl Productions